Church Update Our Future

The United Church, Trowbridge


After much prayerful consideration, the Church decided to vacate the buildings (originally Tabernacle Congregation Church). They had been a burden for many years and, although they had been well cared for, they always needed more to be spent. They were draining  resources of finance and people.


The Church is currently worshipping in the Park Club, a community building situated in Trowbridge Park, thus keeping the Church in the heart of the Town. Although a few people went to worship elsewhere, numbers have been maintained and the congregation has come closer both geographically and spiritually.


We feel a new joy caused in part by the removal of the burden of resource-draining buildings, but also a feeling of renewed hope for the future.


As well as the Park Club, the Church is also renting office accommodation space that also includes a meeting room for up to thirty people, a small kitchen and toilet facilities. This provides a welcoming space for groups to meet during the week as well as the office space for administrative work.